Safer Internet Day – How to protect your data when working from home

Today is Safer Internet Day and as we face working from home for the foreseeable, some security issues may arise. With employees working from home it’s hard to ensure all security protocols are in place. Within the pandemic there are still vulnerabilities that cybercriminals are looking to exploit. Here are some tips to help secure your work…

Strong password

Although you may see lots of posts about keeping your passwords strong, this is an essential part of ensuring your accounts and data is protected. Stay away from the obvious passwords such as 123456 and password as this will be their first point of call.

To create a strong password include the following:

  • Upper case and lower case characters
  • Use a special character (!*@&)
  • Longer than 8 characters

Phishing emails

Working from home may allow for some unsolicited emails to be sent to your inbox that you may not know is a scam! Cybercriminals will attempt to target remote workers to bypass the initial security of not being in the office. Whatever you do, do not click on any links from an email address you are not aware of. Keep an eye out for incorrect spelling, lacking grammar or a randomly generated email address.

Use company tech at home

Using equipment that has been given by your employer should be a priority. A lot of employees are given this equipment on their first day. Your company laptop will usually have disabled features, so you aren’t able to download any unauthorised software that may cause a security breach. Be sure not to share this device with children as they may try to access inappropriate sites. Unfortunately, some companies may not provide laptops due to finances or perhaps you started during the pandemic but this could be something to raise to ensure a safer environment to work in.

Install updates regularly

Make sure to keep your device updated, this may seem like a pain but you can set update times so it will only do so after work hours to prevent any interference. Updates often contain reinforcement for security vulnerabilities which is essential for a safer working space.

Backup your data

The cloud is a wonderful space, a cost-effective and efficient way to backup and store your data. Microsoft has its own personal cloud storage OneDrive – here you can save files and photos and access them from any device anywhere! Make sure to keep your data backed up so you can access it from anywhere in case something did happen.

Cybersecurity will begin to see the strain of not having the office as a protection layer against criminals. When employees can work from anywhere, the universe of threats to your company’s data rises exponentially. So, ensuring you follow these tips will help to ensure your data is safe.

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