Hiring Managers – Here Are Some Ways to Stalk Your Applicants

hoe to stalk your job applicants

So you’re hiring and you’re looking for ways to check on your applicants, so you can make a better informed decision. Here are some ways to use the internet before you hire.

Hiring Managers – the first tool you need is obviously Google, you can use it by using their full name into the normal search engine or you can use the other search engines that it provides.

LinkedIn is also a good way to check on people by using their previous employers recommendations, how they talk about themselves, and their previous roles.

Facebook and Twitter are also excellent ways to see how applicants are, by checking pictures, groups they are in and who they follow.

Pipl.com is another way to use the internet to check on your applicant, they are able to access from deeper in the internet than Google.

Glassdoor.com is another website that provides job role information and feedback. Then there is Tineye.com, you can use their profile picture to see where else they are going on the internet.

GoodHire is something that you have to pay for but might be worth it to get a background check on the applicant. Last but not least is Spokeo.com, it gathers a wide variety of information and puts it in an easy to use format.

With these resources you should be able to make an informed decision on who would be the best fit for you and your company, just make sure you don’t judge them too harshly or discriminate because of race, religion or sexual preference – since that’s illegal in the majority of countries.

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