Doing a Gap Year? What you need to do to boost you Job chances.


So you have just left College and are intending to do a Gap Year. There are a number of activities you can undertake during this year which can certainly boost your chances of getting those all important interviews.

Your Gap Year should not create a void on your CV but instead it can be filled with activities and experiences that, any employer would be impressed by,  and could give you a head start on the competition when job hunting. Just think of the number of stories that you would come back with and used correctly during the interview could demonstrate a new found cultural awareness, organization and ability to work independently. These are all attributes employers are looking for.
Do a camp experience similar to Camp America for example.
Doing such an activity develops your people skills, people management and your timekeeping skills and entries like this always look good on a CV. You will also make a lot of new friends.
Being a volunteer abroad displays to a potential employer your ability to work in different cultures and environments. You will develop your leadership and people skills and equip you with the confidence to succeed in your working life.
Going abroad to study certainly gives you a major advantage in a world of work that is becoming more international every day. Whilst abroad you will pick up language skills and experiences of different cultures and these skills should set you apart from other candidates.
Teaching English abroad is an activity now pursued by many people. You need what is called the TEFL qualification to enable you to pursue this activity and the experience will enhance your people and leadership skills plus expose you to new cultures and travel this giving you greater confidence.
A basic backpacking gap year will teach you about new cultures and give you greater confidence and travel experience plus most people do short term part time work which will give you work experience, good timekeeping and develop your interpersonal skills.
Basically a gap year can teach you to look after yourself, work to a budget and it matures you. You will come back better prepared for university or job seeking.

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