Benefits of Using Social Media in Your Recruitment Strategy


The vast majority of us use some form of social media in our personal lives. Whether you’re a Tweeter, an Instagrammer or an over-sharer on Facebook, we are all in tune and social media savvy in some way.

So if we are all so keen on social media at home, why aren’t we utilising it in the workplace?

In the recruitment industry, social media can be key to attracting candidates that may not be found on traditional job boards. It’s about attracting ‘passive’ candidates – those who didn’t realise they were looking for a new role until they saw all of the great work you were doing and now want in on the action.

At Searchability we specialise in social media recruitment.

Here are our top reasons for doing so:

Building New Relationships

Employer branding is a hot topic in the recruitment industry at present. It’s all about getting your business out there as a positive place to work and social media can be the quickest win for getting your message out there. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow potential candidates to engage with you directly – in conversation and content pre-application. It’s this real time interaction and visibility on the benefits of working with you that can help to cement a candidates desire to work at your organisation. Setting up a social media account and letting it run dry can be worse than not having one at all. If you are unsure about the best strategy going forward, consult the experts!

Increased Candidate Search

What many people don’t realise is the level of detail you can go into with targeting on social media adverts. Facebook especially is able to access in depth information about it’s users, which allows companies to target adverts based on their current job role, age, location… The list goes on! This targeting will increase your reach for candidates as you are engaging those passive candidates as well as those actively searching for roles.

Employee Sharing Content

Utalising your current employees in your candidate search can be the secret to success. It’s a concept that isn’t utilised enough amongst many industries. Employee advocacy is a concept that many pretend to understand, but fail to fully grasp or put into practice. Encouraging your current employees to share content not only increases brand awareness but also increases the level of trust in your brand, as candidates see messages drip fed to them from more than just the HR department. The biggest benefit of all is the increased reach. If every one of your 100 employees shares a piece of content about your business and each one of your 100 employees has 500 connections, that’s an increased reach of 50,000! For free! The likelihood is is that they’re local, likeminded and going to be a good cultural fit for your business!

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