Apple iOS 8 Release Looks Great For Online Shopping

Apple’s latest version of iOS 8 is set to roll out this September and it is supposed to be a feature rich mobile shoppers dream. Shopping on mobile devices up until now has been anything but pleasant and smooth, and iOS 8 is trying to change all of that. The iOS 8 release will include several features to help your shopping experiences become smooth, effortless transactions.

What new features can iOS users who upgrade to iOS8 hope to see on their devices?

Features like credit card scanning via the camera, Handoff — a feature that allows you to swap a session between a desktop computer and/or your hand held device, and even a positioning system that can be used indoors by retailers to help guide customers around a store.

How will iOS 8 change e-commerce and retail shopping?

All of these new features seem to be targeted at changing the way people shop on their mobile devices. Those who just wish to simplify their shopping experiences may find the credit card scanning feature very useful by saving time, and cutting down on the frustration of entering your credit or debit card information repeatedly. Users may find the in store guidance feature helpful when looking for a specific product, or products that are similar to those they are looking for, cutting down on time spent hunting for and comparing products.

How will the iOS 8 release help retailers?

While iOS 8 will be adding many features that seem to be targeting the consumers, they will also be a great help to the retailers. Retailers will love some of these features because they will make it even easier for those users who are willing to part with their money to do so. They may also be able to use the indoor positioning systems to lead customers shopping in retail stores to the desired areas of the store, or even to a specific product that is on sale. Online retailers may see a slight boost in web purchases due to the easy with which a user can now take a picture of their credit card and make a payment as simply as taking a snapshot.

In summary iOS 8 will be a great upgrade for everyone from consumers to retailers, and everyone in between. iOS 8 attempts to solve various problems and issues associated with shopping on and with mobile devices This upgrade will be worth waiting for, and definitely worth checking out this September.

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