12 Phrases That Your Management Hates

phrases that management really hate

Your success at work will often be hinged on what your management thinks of you, whether it is during the initial hiring process, or your day-to-day behavior in the workplace. Interestingly, there are some phrases and expressions that management hates. It is best to avoid using these phrases in your interview, on your resumé, and on the job – to keep them happy.

What should I avoid saying on my resumé or CV ?

Your resumé is one of the few times ‘bragging’ is encouraged, so do not waste the opportunity. However, vague and overused phrases such as “team player” or “highly qualified” will not do much to bolster your resumé against others. To combat this, show, don’t tell, why you are a team player or why you are so highly qualified for the job.

How can I make my interview more successful?

Your resumé may be beautifully put together, but if you cannot articulate ‘yourself’ well during the interview, management may still lose interest in hiring you. Avoid pitfalls such as bad-mouthing former employers, as this may make you look unprofessional or disloyal. Also avoid starting sentences with filler like “I think…” or “to be honest…”, just get to the point, it shows more confidence.

What should I not say in the workplace?

Perhaps your resumé and interview were attractive enough to get you hired – this does not mean you’re in the clear. Phrases such as “that isn’t my job”, or, “I’ll try”, will only make you appear to be a weak employee, and weak employees are not usually long lasting ones.

Throughout the entire process, from filling out your resumé to working on the job, the best things to remember are to be concise, be confident, and always be upbeat and positive. It is when prospective (or current) employees stray from this formula that they can get themselves into a spot of trouble.

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